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Swansea Park and Ride Public Consultation

The Swansea area is forecast to see significant population and economic growth in the coming years and in order to support this the Council will need to provide new transport facilities and infrastructure.

Park and Ride is an important element in the Council’s plans to tackle congestion and improve air quality on key transport routes into Swansea City centre.  The existing park and ride car park at Landore is within an area where there are current and proposed regeneration works which are impacting on the ability of the park and ride service to continue to operate from that site.  The Council is therefore investigating alternative sites where a park and ride car park could be located to serve the Swansea Valley catchment area to replace that currently at Landore.

We would welcome the thoughts of Swansea residents and visitors to help determine future Park and Ride provision.  Could you please spare some time to complete this short survey?

  How often do you Travel into Swansea?
  When travelling to Swansea. What is currently your main mode of transport?
  Where have you travelled from?
  Where do you go to?
  What is the main purpose of your journey?

Landore Park and Ride

  Have you ever used the current Landore Park and Ride site?
  If YES, how often do you use the Landore Park and Ride Site?
  Thinking about the last time you used the Landore Park and Ride Site. How many people were in the car (including the Driver)
  What was your main reason for using the Park and Ride?
  What did you think of the current Park and Ride facilities?
  What would encourage you to use a Park and Ride service more often
  If the Park and Ride car park was to be relocated, what facilities would you like to see at the new location?

Park and Cycle

A Park and Cycle site works in the same way as Park and Ride but with bicycles, simply park your car in the Park and Cycle area, take out your bike and cycle the rest of the way.

  If a Park and Cycle site was provided, would this encourage you to use Active travel for part of your journey?
  If you were to consider Park and Cycle, what facilities would you see as important to support your Active travel journey?

About You: Finding out who has taken part

You don't have to answer these questions, but we need to ask them to understand if our survey has reached the right people and to understand how different groups feel allowing us to address this if we can.  
In accordance with Data Protection law, any information requested on the following questions is held in the strictest confidence for data analysis purposes only. For further information about how Swansea Council uses your personal data, please see our corporate privacy notice on our website www.swansea.gov.uk/privacynotice

  Are you...?
  Is your gender the same as that which you were assigned at birth?
  How old are you …
  Would you describe yourself as...
Please mark all that apply
  To what 'ethnic' group do you consider
  What is your religion, even if you are not currently practicing?
Please mark one box or write in
  What is your sexual orientation
  Can you understand, speak, read or write Welsh?
Please mark all that apply
  Which languages do you use from day to day?
Please mark all that apply
  Do you have any long-standing illness, disability or infirmity?  
By long-standing we mean anything that has troubled you over a period of time or that is likely to affect you over time.
This could also be defined Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as: "Having a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities.”
  Does this illness or disability limit your activities in any way?

Thank you for your participation

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