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Information about your course:
  1. What are the main reasons for you attending your course? (tick all that apply)
  2. Do you wish to receive correspondence from us in English or Welsh?
  3. Do you wish to take this course in the Welsh language?
Information about you:
  4. What age group are you in?
  5. Are you?
  6. Do you see yourself as having a disability or learning difficulty?
Questions about Lifelong Learning:
  7. Please think about how Lifelong Learning supports you. How would you rate them for each of the following?
  Very Good Good Fairly Good Fairly Poor Poor Very Poor N/A  
  The information provided on the website regarding course content and enrolment  
  The information you were given when choosing your course  
  The information and advice offered about options available after the course  
  Helping you settle into your course  
  Informing you of where to go for support within and outside of Lifelong Learning  
  Providing extra learning support services such as reading, writing or maths  
  Providing extra learning support with digital literacy for example accessing the internet safely, using computers & mobile technology  
  Making sure you have the right equipment and materials for your course  
  Making sure you feel safe whilst on your course  
  Asking you to give your views about Lifelong Learning in surveys or questionnaires  
  Telling you what has happened as a result of the views you have given  
Questions about your tutor:
  8. How would you rate your tutor for each of the following?
  Very Good   Good   Fairly Good   Fairly Poor   Poor   Very Poor   Don't Know  
  Talking about your learning aims              
  Explaining the work you have to do              
  Listening to you and what you need to help you learn              
  Giving you feedback on how to improve              
  Making sure other learners don’t disturb your work              
  Treating everyone fairly              
  Making good use of your time including starting and finishing on time              
  Keeping you interested              
Questions about Lifelong Learning:
  9. Is the course what you expected it to be? Please think about the work you have to do and the content of the course.
  10. How would you rate Lifelong Learning overall?
Learners' Forum:
  13. Are you aware of our Learners’ Forum?

Thank you for your time.
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