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                                             Childcare Survey

Q1.2 Your Age
Q1.3 Number of children you are responsible for and their age
Q1.4 Do you use CIW registered childcare in Swansea? If so, when...
Q1.5 Which is the language of your choice in respect of childcare offered?
Q1.6 Do you consider there is adequate registered childcare provision available in the language of your choice?

Section A - Term Time

Q1.10 Did you feel there was a sufficient childcare to suit your requirements?
Q1.11 Do you also use registered holiday care?

Section B - Holiday Care

Q2.1 For the 6 weeks of summer, please state what arrangements were made for your children and approximately how many days was it for
Q2.2 Do you feel you had enough information on what childcare options were available to you?
Q2.3 If you would, realistically, have chosen an alternative approach over the summer, what prevented you from doing this?
Q2.4 When considering holiday childcare, what are the most important factors for you (rank in order with 1 being most important)
Q2.5 Considering the number of children you would be looking to attend and for how many days, how much do you feel you can justify paying  per child, per day?

Section C

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