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Swansea C-Card & Info-Nation Sexual Health Services Survey

Q1 Are you?
Q3 Have you ever accessed a Sexual Health service with Swansea C-Card or Info-Nation?
Q4 Which of the following services would you consider accessing in the future?
Q7 How important would the following be to you if you wanted to access a sexual health service?
  Not important to me               Very important to me  
  Opening hours of the Service          

  Physical location of the service          

  Young person Friendly Service          

  Friendly Trained Staff          

  Waiting times          

Q8 Please rank the following in order of importance (1 = most important and 7 = least important)
  1st Choice Most Important   2nd Choice   3rd Choice   4th Choice   5th Choice   6th Choice   7th Choice Least Important  
  Will they tell anyone I have been?              

  Can I get there?              

  What will they think about me?              

  How long will I have to wait?              

  Will they be open?              

  Will anyone find out?              

  What do I say or ask for?              
Q9 How important are the following in letting young people know about Sexual Health Services?
  Not Important               Very Important  
  Workshops in Schools or Colleges          

  Community Events          



  Facebook Ads          

  Twitter Ads          

  Youtube Channel          


  Instagram Ads          
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